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How Neurofeedback Helps with Tinnitus

2022-11-16T11:57:42-05:00December 20th, 2019|

Roughly 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, with about 20% of them having cases so serious that it affects their quality of life. This is a condition where people hear a constant high-pitched ringing sound, and unfortunately, there aren’t many options for treating it. Thankfully, neurofeedback seems to be a valid treatment option for it.

Nonverbal Signs of Depression

2022-11-16T12:05:58-05:00October 22nd, 2019|

There are several nonverbal cues to tell that a person is depressed, however, many are not aware of these signs. Once mindful of these signs, friends and family many times will notice the signs of depression even before the person. Learning to recognize these signs will be key to providing support to loved ones dealing

How Neurofeedback Can Help Your Anxiety

2022-11-16T12:08:18-05:00October 19th, 2019|

It’s normal to experience anxiety, especially when life throws obstacles in your way. But sometimes, anxiety isn’t caused by EXTERNAL factors. At times, anxiety is caused when brainwaves aren’t working as they should. It can be very frustrating to nail down why someone is suffering from anxiety, and even more frustrating to find a treatment

Kids and Concussions: A Parent’s Guide to Traumatic Brain Injury

2022-11-16T12:13:14-05:00June 3rd, 2019|

Sophie’s Story: One Family's Concussion Journey It started like any other Saturday in April for 10-year-old Sophie and her parents. The car was loaded up with Gatorade, post-game snacks, and camping chairs headed for a day at the soccer park. Her parents cheered loudly and jumped up and down with excitement as she dribbled the

MyBrainDR Dispels Common Concussion Myths

2023-03-14T06:52:47-05:00November 26th, 2018|

How much do you really know about concussions? If you have kids or teens in sports or play contact sports yourself, you should have a good working knowledge of how concussions work and how they can impact your health and well-being. Since concussions tend to be misunderstood – and under-reported – the CDC recently

Is Baseline Testing for Concussions Just for Football Players? (Hint: No!)

2022-11-16T12:31:26-05:00November 12th, 2018|

Recent reports and even lawsuits about the lasting damage that repeated concussions cause professional NFL athletes continue to make headlines, but trauma and damage is not limited to those at the pinnacle of the sport. College students, teens and even children playing sports can also suffer from concussions during the course of games or practice.

What Happens When Traditional Concussion Treatments Fail

2023-03-14T06:53:42-05:00November 8th, 2018|

Concussion continues to be a problem for athletes – both those who play professionally and those who play on school teams. According to the University of Pittsburgh's Brain Trauma Research Center, high school athletes alone get over 300,000 sports-related concussions each year in the U.S. Concussions happen at all levels and to athletes in

4 Types of Brainwaves and How They Impact Your Mental Health

2023-03-14T06:51:47-05:00October 24th, 2018|

Feeling tired, unfocused or foggy? Your brainwaves could be to blame. At MyBrainDR, we see patients every week who are experiencing depression, insomnia, hyperactivity and other disruptive conditions and patterns. Each of these conditions can be better understood when you uncover the role that brainwaves play in your mental health and functioning. Understanding what

Hope for Football Players with CTE or Concussions

2022-11-16T13:59:13-05:00October 22nd, 2018|

Quick – what do Dan Marino, Les Williams[i] and Jim McMahon have in common – aside from being former professional football players? Each suffered concussions that led to suspected or confirmed traumatic brain injury (TBI). The tie between football and brain injury is beginning to emerge, and it is not a pretty picture for

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