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Neurofeedback Treatment for Memory & Cognitive Impairment in Cary

A drug-free and clinically-proven treatment for Memory & Cognitive Impairment with up to an 80% success rate.
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Are you experiencing memory problems or cognitive decline?

Modern medical advances have led to dramatic increases in life expectancy over the past century.  Even during normal cognitive aging, people show a decline in working memory, attention, and physical balance.  If the side effects of healthy aging were not difficult enough to manage, mental illness, especially anxiety and depression, are very common among the senior population.  Neurofeedback is proven effective in treating many of these common conditions, thereby improving an individual’s independence and quality of life.  

Neurofeedback & Cognitive Impairment

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is the stage between normal cognitive decline, which is associated with healthy aging, and cognitive disorders. Researchers have found MCI and the corresponding brainwave abnormalities to be a consistent indicator of the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. By correcting the brainwaves associated with impaired functioning, researchers have been able to lessen the symptom severity with regards to:

-impaired judgement

-memory loss

-poor motor coordination




How can neurofeedback help?

Using a noninvasive qEEG brain scan we measure your brain activity at 20 different brain locations.  Once this is preformed we analyze your brainwaves to identify which locations need to be re-balanced.   A unique protocol and treatment plan are determined it help improve your brains efficiency and memory.

Do you have a family history of memory impairment?

Do memory problems, Alzheimer’s, or dementia run in your family?  Help prevent much of this cognitive decline before it happens to you.  Using neurofeedback your brain creates new neural pathways, resulting in healthy brain functionality.  This in turn, will help you live a full life without being a burden to your loved ones!

How do you know if this can help me or my loved one?

The first step is always a FREE Evaluation.  During this one-on-one consultation we will discuss your unique health history, current treatments, and if neurofeedback could be an effective treatment for you.  No obligation.  Call us at (919) 721-4800 or select the ‘FREE Evaluation’ button to schedule your FREE Evaluation today!

Additional Information

MyBrainDr successfully treats patients with Memory Impairments with neurofeedback therapy in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina.  Click below to schedule your free evaluation today!

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Neurofeedback - Train Your Brain, Change Your Life!

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