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Neurofeedback Treatment for Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Cary

A clinically-proven treatment that can improve the brain's ability to heal itself.
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Have you suffered from a concussion or traumatic brain injury? Were you recently in an auto accident?

Brain injuries, concussions, or even minor head bumps can cause major brain damage which results in changes in brainwave activity.  Over time, smaller head injuries, if not treated correctly, can also accumulate causing extensive damage.

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by either an impact to the head or by the head moving rapidly back and forth due to a fall or other quick movement of the body.  Most concussions don’t include a loss of consciousness, and in fact, it’s possible to have a concussion and not even know it.  These injuries can cause severe neurological or psychological symptoms such as anger, sleep disruption, trouble concentrating, headaches, memory loss, and many other concerns.  These debilitating factors can affect a person even years after the incident has occurred.

How can MyBrainDR help?

Dr. Baric has completed extensive training in various treatment options for concussions and traumatic brain injuries.  Using a noninvasive qEEG, we are able to identify the specific damaged areas from your injury.  Neurofeedback uses the brain’s neuroplasticity to make new neural pathways around the damaged areas of the brain, helping heal the brain, re-balance communication and restore brain functions.

Colleen’s Story:

What is the first step?

We always begin with a FREE evaluation to get an understanding of your unique symptoms.  During this one-on-one consultation we will discuss your health history, current treatments, and if neurofeedback could be an effective treatment for you.  No obligation.  Call us at (919) 721-4800 or select the ‘Free Evaluation’ button to schedule your FREE Evaluation today!

Baseline testing for Athletes

Neurofeedback is not only effective treatment after a concussion, but it can also help capture normal brain activity before a traumatic brain event occurs.  At MyBrainDR we have many athletes that come in for a preseason baseline qEEG.  This allows us to document their brainwave activity, creating an accurate comparison point for future scans after the potentially injurious incident.  Call us today to schedule a preseason qEEG! (919) 721-4800 

Additional Information

MyBrainDr successfully treats concussion and other TBI patients with neurofeedback therapy in Cary, North Carolina.  Click below to schedule your free evaluation today!

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