Neurofeedback is gaining popularity in military circles in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a profound type of anxiety that is either caused by a single stressor or a series of events. Military psychologists have reported doing neurofeedback sessions while on duty to treat combat trauma, depression, and insomnia. Participants have claimed that they rapidly received reductions in sleep problems, irritability, anger, addiction, and pain.

If more health professionals were aware of Neurofeedback training and how effective it can be with the treatment of PTSD, it would be implemented far more often. Veterans who have been through neurofeedback therapy are claiming that their lives are returning to normal. Some report success stories of finally getting the sleep they needed without having to use medication, others claim that they can now go to places that before made them anxious, and some have even claimed that their emotional control is much better in their home lives.

Neurofeedback can help change the brain wave patterns associated with that post-traumatic stress and help ease the symptoms. Studies highly suggest that Neurofeedback is, unlike existing treatments for PTSD, a promising approach to treatment.