We all trust that when our doctor makes important decisions about our health, such as prescribing powerful narcotics, that they are doing so with OUR best interests in mind. Unfortunately, an analysis conducted by researchers at Harvard University recently found that opioid manufacturers are paying doctors millions of dollars per year and that the more opiates a doctor prescribes, the more money they make from the manufacturers.

The analysis included more than 811,000 doctors, of which 54% received at least one payment from an opioid manufacturer. Furthermore, the volume of prescriptions a doctor writes showed a “very powerful” correlation with the amount of money they were given.

From the article: “Among doctors in the top 25th percentile of opioid prescribers by volume, 72% received payments. Among those in the top fifth percentile, 84% received payments. Among the very biggest prescribers — those in the top 10th of 1% — 95% received payments.”

So, the likelihood of you being prescribed an opiate can be directly related to how much money your doctor gets from opioid manufacturers. This should scare you.

These facts also highlight potential reasons why traditional doctors may not recommend neurofeedback. Despite the overwhelming amount of clinical support for neurofeedback, when doctors make money by putting people on opioids, it should be no surprise that they don’t recommend neurofeedback treatment since it doesn’t add to their bottom-line.

Before starting an opioid prescription, ask your doctor if he has received any money from pharmaceutical companies. Then, ask him what he thinks about trying neurofeedback before opioids.

The responses may surprise you.

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