While the human body is very resilient, we often forget how delicate certain parts can be. This is especially true for our brain.

Anytime a person sustains an injury to their head that results in any physical, emotional, cognitive or sleep disturbance, it is recommended that they are evaluated for a concussion by a reputable healthcare provider. Brain injuries can be very serious, and oftentimes the initial symptoms can seem minor.

At MyBrainDr we have seen great results from concussion and other TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients who undergo neurofeedback treatment. Neurofeedback acts as a boost to the brain’s natural recovery mechanism, promoting and improving the brain’s ability to self-heal.

If you or someone you love has experienced head trauma, don’t risk the potential risks of a concussion. Call MyBrainDr today and find out how we can help treat this potentially serious problem.

For an interesting and relevant perspective, check out the op-ed below which was written by a mother of a concussion victim.