Roughly 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, with about 20% of them having cases so serious that it affects their quality of life. This is a condition where people hear a constant high-pitched ringing sound, and unfortunately, there aren’t many options for treating it. Thankfully, neurofeedback seems to be a valid treatment option for it.

At MyBrainDr, we are happy to provide neurofeedback therapy to treat tinnitus in Cary, NC, and surrounding areas.

5 items to consider about treating tinnitus with neurofeedback therapy are:

    1. Retrain the brain. Studies show that neurofeedback can help retrain brainwaves that can cause tinnitus. By using audio and/or video stimulation, patients are able to change how their brain works.
    2. Simple treatment process. Neurofeedback is relatively simple – just show up to the office and pay attention to the treatment. Many patients like the simplicity of neurofeedback therapy. We want to emphasize that it’s only simple for the patient – neurofeedback is complex in how it works and retrains the brain waves, but the effort required by the patient is minimal.
    3. Helps multiple symptoms. It’s not just the ringing that affects patients of tinnitus. There are other symptoms, including hearing loss, irritability, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms can improve with treating tinnitus with neurofeedback therapy.
    4. Multiple causes. Neurofeedback can help treat tinnitus. Tinnitus is caused by a variety of factors such as exposure to loud sounds, injuries, age-related hearing loss and inner ear cell damage.
    5. Tinnitus doesn’t need to affect anyone’s quality of life, especially when there is a successful drug-free therapy available to treat it. Neurofeedback has been a great

If you have questions about neurofeedback therapy, please contact us.