Due to our current pandemic situation, parents are becoming aware of their child’s daily struggles to focus on schoolwork. Students are overwhelmed with anxiety trying to block out distractions and concentrate at home. Many children who struggle with ADHD need consistency and routine, something formal school days used to provide. Neurofeedback is a drug-free method clinically proven to increase focus and concentration.

Researchers have found a commonality from those suffering with ADHD and abnormal brain waves. The presence of excess theta and delta waves often keep your child’s brain in a deep relaxing mode. Through the noninvasive method of neurofeedback, we are able to encourage the brain to enter a more alert, balanced state while staying calm. Great success has been accomplished using neurofeedback for those suffering from attention-deficiency disorders, including improved focus, concentration, mood and overall mental stability. If your child is suffering from these problems, we encourage you to consider MyBrainDR as your drug-free noninvasive solution. Give us a call (919) 721-4800 or schedule a FREE consultation today.