3 Simple Tips to Keep Your Child’s Brain Sharp This Summer

1. Fill those creative buckets!

Summertime is a great opportunity for kids to explore their creativity and try new things. However, it’s also important to make sure that they are still using their brains and staying sharp. Keeping your child’s brain active during the summer months can be easy with these three simple tips!
Encourage your child to read books, magazines, and comics. This is a great way to keep their brain engaged while also sparking their imagination.
Get them involved in creative activities like puzzles, arts and crafts, and learning new instruments. These activities will help your child’s brain develop new skills and think in new ways.
Finally, make sure to keep them active physically. Brain health is directly linked to physical activity, so summer is the perfect time to encourage your child to get outside and play!

2. Keep that body moving!

Keeping your child’s body moving is just as important as their mind during the summer months. Exercise not only helps their physical health, but also can help their mental health. Encourage them to try some new sports and activities so they can stay fit and active.
Pick up a new sport such as tennis, swimming, or basketball. Join the local parks and recreation department for organized summer sports or your local YMCA for group activities like soccer and baseball. These activities will help your child to stay active and have a lots of fun.
Summer is also a great time to try some outdoor activities like camping and hiking. Get them outside to explore nature and discover new places. Even if you decide to spend your summer at the beach, you can turn it into an opportunity to foster physical activity. Plan some beach volleyball games or invite family and friends for a swim to keep your child active and engaged.


3. Encourage those ZZZ’s to Help your Child’s Brain Recharge!

Encourage your child to have some downtime and relax by getting some restful sleep. Getting enough sleep is essential in order to help young minds to grow and develop, and summer is the perfect time to get those much-needed ZZZs.
To help them wind down and relax, try some calming activities such as reading a book or meditating. Try limiting screen time around bedtime in order to get them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
Help them reset their biological clock to the school year routine by keeping their bedtime and waking up times consistent. Having a consistent bedtime routine will help them adjust to the school year routine in the fall and get the necessary rest for the reboot their brain needs.


4. Try Neurofeedback at MyBrainDR to Keep your Child’s Brain Sharp!

Neurofeedback is a technology that helps improve focus and concentration, promoting healthy brain performance. It should be used as a tool to help to maintain brain fitness while providing grounding and relaxing treatment, especially during the busy summer months.
For more information on how MyBrainDR can help your child keep their brain sharp, call or schedule online at MyBrainDR.com.