Our journey at MyBrainDR is marked by inspiring stories of individuals overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable progress in their mental health and cognitive abilities. From managing anxiety and enhancing social skills in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to boosting memory and cognitive functions, these testimonials offer a real-world glimpse into the potential of neurofeedback. Backed by recent peer-reviewed research, each story not only reflects personal triumphs but also aligns with scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of neurofeedback. These heart-warming narratives make our team excited to come to work, and eager to change more lives.

“Dr Baric and his whole team at MyBrainDR are amazing. We’ve been taking our son for neurofeedback for the last two years. He is on the autism spectrum. We’ve seen a reduction in anxiety and an increase in social skills and engagement since he started the treatments. He reports the treatments to help him feel “more relaxed”. I only wish we had found Dr Baric sooner!”

Neurofeedback has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing anxiety and improving social skills in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as supported by recent peer-reviewed research. A 2021 study in the Bulletin of the National Research Centre theorized neurofeedback may be a means to enhance the cognitive functions of children with ASD. Results indicated significant improvement in attentional span, and cognitive flexibility in addition to social interaction for children. These findings align with the positive experiences shared by patients at MyBrainDR, emphasizing the potential benefits of neurofeedback for individuals on the autism spectrum. Consulting with professionals like Dr. Baric is recommended to determine the suitability of neurofeedback within a personalized treatment plan for ASD.
“I enrolled in a one-year masters study program knowing I had problems with memory and processing what people say. MyBrainDR helped tremendously! I have been able to thrive in the program in no short part due to the enhanced abilities obtained through this therapy. The staff are all wonderful individuals. Thank you, Dr. Baric and Team, for your support this year.”
The positive experiences shared by individuals like the one at MyBrainDr highlight the effectiveness of neurofeedback in addressing memory and cognitive challenges. Recent peer-reviewed research supports these outcomes, with studies demonstrating significant improvements in memory and cognitive function through neurofeedback therapy. For instance, a 2022 study published in the Journal of Research and Health
findings showed that neurofeedback treatment improved all the components of working memory and processing speed in students with learning disabilities during a two-month follow-up. These findings underscore the potential benefits of neurofeedback in helping individuals thrive in academic and cognitive tasks.
“[I] feel truly grateful that I found MyBrainDR. My anxiety & mind was in a deep spiral when I found them. I was also having multiple panic attacks. I am over 40 sessions in and since [I] have started I have not had a panic attack and also I have learned how to control my anxiety and stress. Dr. Baric and his entire team is incredible and make[s] you feel incredibly comfortable! You will not regret giving neurofeedback a try!”
Recent research has highlighted the effectiveness of neurofeedback in treating anxiety disorders. A 2019 article in the Journal of Quantology found a significant reduction in anxiety and OCD symptoms. Additionally, a 2023 preprinted study, showed multiple protocols significantly reduced anxiety symptoms underscoring neurofeedback’s potential for long-term benefits in anxiety management. These findings support neurofeedback as a valuable, non-invasive treatment option for anxiety disorders.
“I can’t properly express the difference that neurofeedback sessions at MyBrainDR in Cary have made in our household. We were skeptical about the results we would get, but decided to give the treatment a try after it was recommended by one of our doctors. Wow! Every few sessions now, we are noticing quantifiable improvements in mood and behavior. From the initial consultation to our regular appointments, everyone in the office has been professional, informative and compassionate. Questions are answered thoroughly and in a timely fashion, which seems harder and harder to find in medical offices. Dr. Baric and his entire staff are running an office that is obviously extremely successful, yet they still manage to be efficient and caring. I’ve sent multiple referrals now and everyone I know is equally satisfied.”
Neurofeedback’s efficacy in enhancing mood and behavior, as described in this testimonial, aligns with current scientific findings. Research shows that neurofeedback can effectively modify brain activity patterns associated with emotional regulation and cognitive function. A 2020 study in the Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience reported significant improvements in mood and executive functioning among individuals undergoing neurofeedback. This study highlights neurofeedback’s potential as a non-pharmacological intervention for mood and behavioral regulation, offering a personalized approach to mental health treatment.