With limited treatment options for Autism Spectrum Disorder, many families of patients are in search of different ways to relieve their loved one’s symptoms. Neurofeedback has emerged as an intervention that can help improve symptoms of patients with ASD.

Neurofeedback is the process of training brain waves to move back into a healthy pattern. A common finding for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder is that they have irregular brainwave patterns and problems with abnormal interconnectivity in the brain. Neurofeedback has been a proven non-invasive and drug free way of identifying unhealthy brain patterns and correcting them using audio and visual feedback. This type of training has been used by many clinicians to help children from all ends of the autism spectrum regulate their brain patterns.

Neurofeedback can help improve the quality of life for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder by decreasing the amount of symptoms that occur as a result of their brain wave abnormalities. Most patients with ASD reported responding from training with symptoms of : lower anxiety, increased calmness, decreased hyperemotionality, increased focus, increased attention, and more initiation and receptiveness of touch.

One of the greatest benefits of Neurofeedback is how long the effects can last. A lot of research has shown us that the symptom relief from neurofeedback can last for years. For anyone in search of relief of symptoms for someone with ASD, Neurofeedback therapy is a natural way that could help those with Autism spectrum disorder.